Fall Pocket Pages * Life is Colorful

Fall  Pocket Pages *  Life is Colorful

Saturday started the Fall Season !  Not much change in south Louisiana but lots of wet rainy weather . But we lived in Michigan for many years and miss the changing of Fall leaves.  The whole racking them in a pile so my son could jump in them with the dog. I do miss that [...]

My Weekly Planner :

My Weekly Planner :

Wends day is planner  day with lots of fun projects to make your life easier: plan·ner ˈplanər/ noun 1. a person who makes plans. 2. a list or chart with information that is an aid to planning. "my day planner"   My  today's Planner is from Simple stories Shop Here But it's an actual small album [...]

National Camera Day *

Today's National  Camera Day !         History :  (1) The word "photography" originates from Greek, meaning drawing with light. (2) The word camera originates from the Latin word “camera obscura” which means “dark chamber”. (3) The first ever camera described in the history was a pin hole camera, dating back to 4th or 5th century. Let's Celebrate :  So take a [...]

First Snow of the Year *

Today's Scrapbook project is page #6- in my Holiday Craft Album.My son enjoying the Snow.     I started back doing some Project Life pages - But I already had a lot of 12x12 clear album pages. So a little DIY with my Sewing machine. I made my own pocket pages. First I marked off  [...]

Craft Day with Lisa

It's Wednesday & Welcome to my Craft Table. Well actually my dining room table. I have an actual craft room  since my son  changed room but its hot in the Summer & sometimes Cold in the Winter. We live in an old house that belongs to my grandparents & it's hard to heat & cool. [...]

Project Life * Monday

Project Life Scrapooking Monday's  is here. Celebrating Day 1 of our count down to Halloween. Project Life® is an ultra-simple, über-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums. Gone are the days of cutting, pasting, buying oodles of supplies, and spending hours on an album. Or [...]

Celebrating * Dictionary Day

Today is National Dictionary Day -  This Monday we Celebrate ! Dictionary Day is in honor of Noah Webster, considered the Father of the American Dictionary. Noah Webster was born on October 16, 1758. The objective of this day is to emphasize the importance of dictionary skills, and seeks to improve vocabulary. My Bell Ringer [...]