Christmas in July

Thanks for stopping bye this Saturday!

July seems to be a wierd month to talk about Christmas but in my part of the country Christmas is not Cold and Snowy . But Sometimes its Hot and Humid. So today lets celebrate Christmas in the Sun!

Palm tree two ways:

Here our summer palm trees around the pool become Christmas trees with lights! Changing paper takes these trees from Summer to Christmas.

Christmas flamingo

Pink goes with everything even at Christmas time! Enjoy this cute flamingo wrapped up for winter snow and Christmas.

So what is your weather at Christmas Snowy ( White Christmas) or Green (Christmas)

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. So wish we had a snowy cold Christmas, but our Christmas comes in summer and its usually warm to hot, weather can be a little iffy round that time. But its all about summer. I am sitting in the cold here today and thinking perfect season for Christmas as presented to us. Frost is outside coating the lawn!

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