Shadows on the Teche Plein Air Competition

Welcome to my Louisiana! This weekend come enjoy the great Spring weather and flowers at The Shadow plantation in New Iberia, Louisiana . A place of beauty and inspiration. . Come for the competition and enjoy the town and Food.

The Shadows-on-the-Teche Plein Air Competition takes places in early March. Artists from around the country travel to New Iberia to compete in the juried painting competition. Artists are allowed to paint throughout seven parishes in Acadiana. The public is invited to attend programs and events scheduled during the week, as well as watch artists paint.

Schedule of Events

The Shadows History

The history of the Shadows extends far beyond the mansion and members of the Weeks family who owned the property from 1834 to 1958. This section traces that history from the first American Indian nations to settle along the Bayou to the present. Each section highlights the women and men who not only defined the history of the estate but of New Iberia as well. As a former plantation, the story of the Shadows belongs to the individuals enslaved on the site and their descendants as much as it does the Weeks family. It is a story of those who settled along the banks of the Teche to reap the benefits of—and later exploit—the richness of its soil. It is the story of those who built and preserved this unique mansion and of those who toiled under a brutal system of enslavement, building its wealth but also the community, culture, and customs that continue to define the bayou region.  

Each part of the History section features an overview of the many eras that defined the Shadows along with brief bios highlighting the individual stories of the women and men who bring this complex history to life. While we offer a glimpse into this rich narrative, we invite you to visit us in person to learn more about the dynamic people who shaped and continue to shape our story. 

Come Visit ! New Iberia, La :

New Iberia is renowned for its unique culture and cuisine, which draw from the melting pot of its Native American-Spanish-French-African American-Creole heritage. Spaniards led by Francisco Bouligny founded the town in 1779 on the banks of the Bayou Teche.

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