Lisa Craft Time : Rolla bind Disc projects

Welcome to My Craft Time here this Thursday. Today we are exploring Rolla binding system for planners and albums. It’s one of my favorite system to use to organize papers into a cool album or planner.

The Personal Hand Punch from Rollabind is sturdy and easy-to-use. Compact, lightweight (only 12 ounces) and portable makes this perfect for on-the-go binding needs. Make booklets of student reports or bind learning aids for fun classroom projects. With the Rollabind System you can add or take away pages anytime without removing the Binding Discs or other pages. The Rollabind System works on construction paper, photos, cardboard and more! Small Discs hold up to 1/4″ of paper, Medium Discs up to 1/2″, Large Discs up to 3/4″ and Jumbo Discs hold up to 1″ of paper. Find them all by searching for “rollabind discs” in the search box above.

Happy Planner system:

Happy Planner Punch

The Happy Planner® Punch is designed to punch paper to fit perfectly in the Classic Happy Planner®. Now you can punch your own paper and add it to your planner.  Personal customization is what makes The Happy Planner® line so unique!

Punch capacity – 3 sheets of paper or 1 sheet of cardstock

*Important to note: The Happy Planner® Punch is not intended for use with plastic, adhesive or laminated products.

For my Planner fans:

A discbound planner is a planning system that is held together, or bound, using a disc system. You can print your own planner pages, take apart a regular bound planner, and hole punch it using a disc punch, or you can buy pre-made pages and planners that use the disc-bound system.

My albums: family recipe with gold disc :

This is an older model that you can still buy from Ebay for about 20 dollars.

A cute Christmas album with Red disc:

Thanks for spending some Craft time with Me this Thursday ! Lisa

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