Crayons * My Craft Table

Today ! On my Craft Table it’s all about Crayons. Every year at Back to School time I buy new crayons ( I love the smell) – But what to do with the old or broken Crayons ? Make something New –  Lisa

My Box of Crayons!



Melted Crayon Wreath-

  1. Parchment Paper
  2. Shave Crayons onto Paper ( can use sharpener)
  3. Fold over paper and Melt with hot Iron ( can run /so cover surface)
  4. Let Cool – and Peel off pieces.
  5. I glued my pieces in a Fall wreath pattern and Decorate.

You can use the peeled off pieces for card background or other crafts, Lisa





These are Silicon molds I had – 

  1. Peel Off labels
  2. Break into pieces to fill the Mold.
  3. Bake at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes (until melted)
  4. Let Cool
  5. Pop Out – New Crayons Made .



All these great crafts can be made in any color by varying the colors you use.

Fall ( orange,yellow green)

Christmas ( red,green, gold, metallic)

Winter ( Blue,White,Silver,metallic)

Spring/Easter ( Blue,yellow,green,pastels)

Enjoy – playing with Crayons.   Lisa

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