The Four Season of Louisinan

Happy Friday ! 




If you live in Louisiana Seasons dont really change much as other parts of the United States. You can only notice the change when the topic of conversation changes- From Crawfish Boils to hunting & Football. A sign the  new school year began and  its football season in Louisiana.

Football Fan- -Tigers first game is Sept 2 and  high school are already starting on Friday nights.  Planning a party, Celebration or Wedding – first step check if the  Tigers or Saints are in town that week. Are better yet wait till after the Season ends. And if you have a hunter in the family figure that in too when planning an event. It might seem strange but its a way of life in the South.

But -Lisa I am not a fan !  Well  then how about a festival . It’s time for the Shrimp festival this weekend but if you miss that there’s something next weekend on the calendar. It’s a bust time of the year and hopefully a little cooler -so come and Enjoy Football Season in Louisiana.   Lisa





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