Book Review * Meet Me at the Farmers Market

Sophia loves going to the Farmers Market every week. There are lots of things to see and do, and when she meets up with her friends, she loves it even more.

Children of all ages will enjoy the beautiful watercolor illustrations and engaging story of Sophia’s fun day at the market.

From the Author

I love the squeals of delight from children as they read a book and discover its hidden secrets. My own children loved to be read to when they were small and as they grew. I believe reading is the key to success for kids–and it opens up new worlds for people of all ages. After more than three decades of helping writers become published authors, I decided it was time for my own ideas to become a reality.  I have more books rolling around in my brain, so I hope you enjoy this one!

This book came from watching and talking with kids at our local Farmers Market. We do an event nearly every weekend from spring through autumn, and I just love to see the happiness that floods the streets when a child has gotten a new book from me or one of our other authors. It might seem a little odd to mix zucchini with books, but to me, it’s a natural. The people who care what they put in their bodies are very likely to care about what they put in their brains, too. I hope you and your children enjoy the books.

Thank you for reading!

Net Galley Book Review:

What a wonderful children book or for the young at heart. If you read my blog you know we are big supporters of our local farmers market – like Sophie and her Mom we love going there and buying local fruit and vegetables. And this time a year the perfect spot to pick up homemade Christmas gifts. The vendors are always welcoming and enjoy talking about there products and like Sophie they have become trusted friends. This is the perfect gift for any child =its lovely to look at and teaches us all good lessons on healthy eating and buying locally. Lisa

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