National Beautician Day

Its National Beautician Day ! And being a true Southern Women we love our beauty shops. And the women that work there. Lisa

What is it about a beauty shop (old-school Southern for “salon”) that makes sisters of us all? Maybe it’s the whir and soothing warmth of the dryers or the pleasant scents of citrus, coconut, and peppermint wafting from all that product. Together, they work some kind of mojo on us. They flip our bonding switch. We’ll tell our hairdressers stuff that Mama  doesn’t even know, and we value Truvy’s advice on everything from our shampoo to our husbands. So here goes:

Bekki the Beautician Cozy Mystery Boxed Set Vol 1

This set includes the first 4 books in the Bekki the Beautician Cozy Mystery Series.

Hairspray and Homicide

When Bekki catches her cheating boyfriend in the act she decides to return to her home town to repair her broken heart. The quiet town of Harroway where nothing much happens. 

Her mother is retiring and she is going to run her family’s hair and beauty salon. But, when the owner of the rival salon, Daisy, is found murdered after Bekki threatened her, Bekki becomes the prime suspect. She must do whatever she can to clear her name and find the real murderer. 

Wanting a break from men in general, after being burned by her ex, the last thing Bekki expects is to run into her old flame, Detective Nick Malonie. While sexy, handsome Detective Nick is trying to do his job and prevent her from doing it for him she is finding it very hard to avoid him. 

Will Bekki be able to resist her feelings for Nick and find the real killer? 

A Dyed Blonde and a Dead Body

Bekki loves being back in her hometown of Harroway. Things are steaming up between her and hunky Detective Nick Malonie. Business at her hair and beauty salon is booming. She is rekindling old, and making new friendships. Life couldn’t be better! 

That is, until she finds the body of the new bakery owner, Lydia Michaels, dead in her bakery. It looks like she committed suicide, but Bekki’s gut instinct tells her that things are not what they seem. After finding evidence to support her theory she goes searching for the truth. 

Will Bekki be able to find the killer and protect herself without destroying her developing romance with Detective Nick?

Mascara and Murder

Sammy is Bekki’s best friend. They have been friends on and off since high school and they now love working together in Bekki’s Hair and Beauty salon. 

But…when Sammy is hired by the wealthy and influential Windward family to do the hair and makeup for a 21st birthday party everything is turned upside down. Sammy is found leaning over the dead body of the young caterer’s assistant who has been strangled with Sammy’s hair dryer cord. 

Sammy is detained for the murder and Bekki is determined to prove her innocence. But, with Detective Nick Malonie away and the unforgiving Detective Williams on the case, she is all on her own. In desperation to clear Sammy’s name Bekki calls a lawyer, her cheating ex-boyfriend, Trevor. 

Will Bekki expose the truth and be able to clear Sammy’s name or will her best friend go to prison for murder? Will Bekki finally commit to a relationship with sexy Detective Nick or will Trevor come between them once and for all? 

Pageant and Poison

When Bekki gets a desperate call from her old boss to come and help out at a beauty pageant in New York, she cannot refuse. She is very excited to visit her old hangouts, catch up with friends and do some shopping. 

However, she soon realises that maybe it wasn’t the best idea. Not only does she leave her hunky boyfriend Detective Nick Malonie to work on a case with a drop dead gorgeous FBI Agent, but the organizer of the pageant, Candy, is found dead. Bekki is one of the possible suspects that New York police officer Liam Hanks is investigating. 

Will the murderer be found so the show can go on? Will Detective Nick meet Bekki for a romantic weekend in New York or would he prefer to spend the weekend with sexy Special Agent Lilian Fox?

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