Saturday Paper Technique * Coloring

Welcome Saturday crafters! I am posting about the joy and benefits of coloring -So join me –

Not just for kids anymore its great for all ages too do – But most adult books are printed on heavy paper to be colored with different mediums. These books can be found from the Dollar stores to Craft stores and many other places as people rediscover the joy of coloring. . After coloring they can be used as art work or gifts or even scrapbook and card making bases. So what do you need to get started read on….

Adult color pages :

can be single pages,books,bookmarks are pre printed cards. And can be found in most places.

Supplies :

Colored Pens

Pens and markers are some of the easiest to use a aviable in all types and price range. Alcohol based markers are those like Copic and Prismacolor. These markers are more commonly used for blending colours due to their alcohol properties, however the downside to these markers is that they will bleed through heavily to the other side of the page, so a heavy weighted paper is used if you want to avoid bleeding. The difference between alcohol and water-based markers, other than blending, is that the colours look less streaky with alcohol-based markers compared to water-based markers like Crayola where you notice the streaks that you have coloured in. The upside to water-based markers however is that they tend to bleed less than alcohol markers. Pens and markers are some of the easiest to use a aviable in all types and price range.

Colored Pencils, Pastels ,chalk

Are perfect for soft gentle coloring and come in all price ranges. Colored Pencils are pencils that have a core of colored pigment and protective casing made of wood. While standard pencils have a core of graphite and clay, a core of most of the colored pencils is made of wax, pigments, additives, and binding agents. So you get what you pay for. But I have been known to buy ones on sale in school supplies.

Some artist favorites:

  • Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Colored Pencils. …
  • Caran D’ache Luminance Colored Pencils. …
  • Stabilo CarbOthello Chalk-Pastel Colored Pencils. …
  • Prismacolor Premier Art Stix Woodless Colored Pencils. …

Aqua Markers

Aqua markers are just that – they interact with water. So you can color an image and spritz it with water.

 They are dual-tipped, combining a soft, flexible brush with a fine point for adding detail and definition

Pigment Stamp Pads

Pigment inks are a lot thicker than dye inks and generally have a glycerin base. Whereas dye inks are more “liquid” and transparent, pigment inks are opaque and thick.

Use your pigment ink pad to make bright bold colors. Perfect for backgrounds using a braying tool. Or use a paint brush for small area to highlight or color. When done try embossing powder and heat for a glossy finish.

So enjoy your Saturday and join me as I have fun coloring… lisa

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