Scrap booking with Lisa

Today’s post : making homemade disc binder albums.

I was cleaning out my craft room a few days ago and ran across this binder system a few days ago. And had too get it out and play with it. This is an old one but newer versions are still on the market. So if you are looking for a quick way to bind albums give it a try. Lisa

Harvest :

This one has a card board front and back I cut out of a Carton and decorate with fall paper,saying and leaves.

System at work :

  • guide ruler ( with marks for paper sizes and where to punch)
  • punching tool ( Is a large roller clamp with 3 punches)
  • color binders ( plastic disc in various colors)

This system works by using round discs with a little lip on the edge to hold the pages together. The pages are punched in a unique way so that they hang onto the discs. That’s it in a nutshell.

You gather your top and papers together and place in fold down ruler guide. Then you slide the roller punch to notches and punch. After done punching slide on dish. lisa

Christmas planner :

Using only scrapbook paper . The pages can be add or taken off as needed. Lisa

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