What Really Matters * Book Review

Faith, Hope, Love: 365 Daily Devotions from Our Daily Bread

by Dave Branon, Bill Crowder, James Banks, Xochitl Dixion, Anne Cetas, Kirsten Holmberg, Amy Boucher Pye, David Roper, Tim Gustafson, Julie Link, John Blase, Adam Holz, Arthur Jackson

Discovery House

What Really Matters invites you to discover what the Bible says about faith, hope, and love—and why these vital concepts are significant to your relationships with God and others. This 365-day devotional collection includes a combination of Scripture, engaging stories, and compelling quotes to encourage you in your daily walk with the Lord.

You’ll find life-changing truths in this treasury of wisdom from the writers of Our Daily Bread—truths that will encourage you to . . .

  •  put your trust in the Sovereign Lord.
  • increase your passion for God.
  • share His amazing love with others.

Discover how you you can move forward in life with confident hope, as you grow in your understanding of what really matters to God.

Net Galley Book Review:

What Really Matters is a heartfelt devotional focusing on the themes of hope, faith and love. Each day begins with one of those themes as well as a Bible verse to read before a passage to deepen your thoughts on each verse. An inspirational quote ends each section. These sections are quick–all run about three pages. Perfect for when you want a quick read in the morning or to share with a friend over coffee to start your morning off. Enjoy Lisa

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