Sunset Jam

Sunset Jam

October is the perfect time to visit the farmers market along hwy 190 running into Lafayette, la. Sunset Saturday market features great crafts ,food and music. A perfect afternoon Road trip. Lisa I love all the neighborhood markets along the highway. It's a great time to explore these small towns and get som shopping done [...]

Mummy Dearest – A Pharaonic Adventure

Hi! Ready for some fun reading for the kids

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Mummy Dearest – A Pharaonic Adventure
Misadventures in Auckland Book 1
by Barbara Russell
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
During a school trip to the museum, thirteen-year-old Tess wakes up an
Egyptian mummy.
Cursed by a necromancer, Prince Seth has been inside a sarcophagus for two
thousand years. Now, he has no intention of going back into his tomb.
He wants a normal life, friends, and fresh food. So, he follows Tess
home, bandages and all.
Ancient Egyptian mummies bring bad luck. Since Seth’s arrival, a car has
almost run Tess over, and a lamppost nearly squashed
her. With Tess’s soccer team, the Wolverines, qualified for
the New Zealand Junior Soccer Championship, this curse could destroy
its chances of winning. Even worse, evil Egyptian spirits chase her
and Seth to take their souls into the world of the dead.
Unless they find the two-thousand-year old necromancer, who controls the
spirits and…

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