Whole Food Vegan Baking

Delicious Recipes Using Healthy, Natural Ingredients

Vegan baking made even healthier―and just as delicious

The classic cookies, cakes, and pies in Whole Food Vegan Baking have been transformed into better-for-you versions of themselves that still taste fantastic. Most vegan baking includes refined sugar and other processed foods, but these recipes are made with only natural, whole food, plant-based ingredients. So you can be kind to your body while still indulging in decadence.

Whether you’re vegan, or just in search of a healthier way to enjoy your favorite sweets, Whole Food Vegan Baking shows you how to create cookies with chickpea flour, oil-free apple pie, and dozens of other vegan baked goods that you’ll love to eat and be proud to serve.

Whole Food Vegan Baking is:

  • Easy as pie―Bake each recipe to perfection with simple instructions, and notes on prep time, cook time, and all the necessary tools.
  • Vegan, naturally―Learn the science behind swapping sweeteners, omitting oil, and picking plant-based―without sacrificing flavor.
  • Tips and tricks―Get pointers on recipe variations, ingredient substitutions, serving suggestions, and more.

Experience natural vegan baking that’s as flavorful as it is good for you with Whole Food Vegan Baking

Cook Book Net galley Review:

This is the most complete cookbook for those who are eating whole foods plant based , or for those like me who may not be on a particular eating plan, but try to incorporate more whole foods in my baking . This book is a smart look at what vegan baking can bring to your table. Lisa

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