DIY ; Mermaid Tail for You and Barbie

Happy Friday ! If you read our Summer Road trip post-you know we went to the Blue Zoo with the kids. Then my great nieces wanted a mermaid tail for themselves and doll. Here an easy tail but free to make your own changes… Kusa

  • Sewing machine and basic supplies
  • 1 1/2 or 2 yards of stretchy, shiny fabric (This will vary based on size. I was making tails that were about 32 inches long. If you are making it longer, get more fabric.)
  • 1/2 yard of stiff interfacing (the stiffest you can find)
  • 1 yard of elastic
  • Pattern

Pattern ( you will need these measurements)

  • Waist
  • Knees (with them together)
  • Ankles (with them together)
  • Waist to floor

Cutting and Sewing directions:

Fold your interfacing in half and place the pattern piece on the fold and cut out one piece from your interfacing to make the tail.

Now fold your fabric in half and cut 2 of the tails from your fabric using your interfacing as your pattern. BUT, make sure to cut it about an inch bigger all the way around to allow for seam allowances once you sew: Now put your two tail pieces right sides together and sew around the sides, leaving the flat top part open. Then turn it right side out and slide your interfacing down in.

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, being careful of how you use your fabric and remembering that you still have to cut two of these full body pieces.

Measure your fabric from the top using your waist to floor measurement. Add about 4 inches to this to allow for hemming. Cut the fabric here.

Using your waist measurement, (let’s assume it’s 30 inches), add 2-3 inches to that measurement to allow for your elastic casing. So now let’s assume we are at 32 inches. Divide that number in half, because your fabric is folded, and we’ve got 16. I will then mark my fabric at the top at 16 inches for the top width.

Do the same with your knee and ankle measurements and mark those with a pin as well. This should give you a nice tapered (imaginary) cutting line if you go from waist to ankles.  Mark the ankles at the bottom of your fabric.

Now, cut the line from the waist to the ankles.(2) for two pieces. Place right side together on your front and back pieces and sew together -down both sides. and hem. Still with it inside out, at the top, you’ll create a casing for elastic by folding it under 1 inch and then folding it under again 1 inch. Sew around and leave an opening to thread elastic stitch elastic closed and close up whole.

Now all you need to do is sew your tail to the body. To do this, slide the tail into the front bottom part of the tail and sew it in place just to the FRONT part of your body. I did this in two places, about an inch apart, to make it secure. Now the little feet will be able to come out the back with the little flipper in front.

For your Barbie Doll :


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