Classic Hamburger with a Cajun flair

This week is National Hamburger week . And I am traveling to favorite place in Lafayette to enjoy a classic hamburger done right. And this burger has not changed on the menu for 70 years–even in a middle of a pandemic. you can buy one Lisa

When Judice Inn opened in 1947, brothers Marc and Alcide Judice advertised that their hamburger restaurant was located only a mile and a half outside the Lafayette city limits. Today, surrounded by an urban landscape and located on the busiest street in town, it’s hard to imagine Judice Inn in the middle of the countryside, with poles in front for those arriving on horseback.

The brothers were part of a family of 17 and they built the establishment themselves on family property. Judice Inn only served hamburgers with a spicy Cajun flair — an old family recipe — along with a few other menu items as a way for the brothers to earn a living. It didn’t take long for the restaurant to become popular and people began flocking to the country restaurant for those oh so delicious burgers.

The Menu and Burger :

All burgers are served with the original Judice sauce, mustard and mayonnaise mixture with lettuce and an onion slice on the side. Extra items include adding cheese, ham or egg on top and the burgers are served with chips, not French fries. The menu also includes sandwiches on toast bread and there are plenty of drinks to choose from, including beer, and candy bars for dessert.

So if you are ever in Lafayette stop bye for a burger with a Cajun twist …. Enjoy Lisa

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