FOTD : June 26


Melville Library

I took this picture yesterday outside our town Library as I got off work. I love the bright color and trunk and this one is a beauty.

This is a picture of the full tree as it about to rain . Lisa

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

Crepe myrtles bloom on new growth and should be pruned in late winter or early spring. Dwarf and short types need only minor, cosmetic pruning. On medium and tall types, prune to a tree form. Remove suckers at the base, twiggy growth, crossing branches, and branches growing toward the center of the plant. Also gradually remove side branches on main trunks up to a height of 45 feet The tree should be open enough that a bird could fly through unimpeded. This exposes the handsome bark and also improves air circulation, making leaf diseases such as mildew and leaf spot less likely. Pruning off spent flower clusters (if you can reach them) in summer results in a second flush of blooms. If your soil is sandy or poor, give newly- planted crepe myrtles a drink of liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks in summer. After its first year in the ground, crepe myrtle needs no fertilizing.

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