Road Trip to Eunice,la :

Today we are off to Eunice,La . Eunice is a lively city that actively celebrates its history and French culture, calling itself the Prairie Cajun Capital. Lying amid rice fields and crawfish ponds glistening in the sun and decorated with the colorful wildflowers of the prairie, the city of Eunice offers visitors the opportunity to learn the story of the area’s extensive Cajun culture.

Liberty Theatre

he Liberty Theatre is one of Louisiana’s most iconic concert halls. Since 1987, the world has flocked to the Liberty Theatre for the Saturday night “Rendez-vous des Cajuns,” a live radio and TV show featuring Cajun and zydeco music bands. The first show was on the evening on July 11 and featured Julius Angelle “Papa Cairo” Lamperez, Chuck Guillory and His Rhythm Boys, and the Church Point Playboys. Today, Grammy-nominated bands grace the stage such as Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers or The Magnolia Sisters. 

Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve,

The history of the area’s Acadian people, who are called Cajun today, unfolds at the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center, part of the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, in downtown Eunice. The center not only contains exhibits and artifacts that have been meticulously assembled and documented, but it also hosts music sessions and native craft and cooking demonstrations.

Classes are offered in Cajun French language, dance , music ,crafts and cooking demonstrations.

Cajun Music Hall of Fame and Museum :

Want to learn more about the roots of Cajun music and the early musicians who shaped the genre? Stop by the Cajun French Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Cajun music fans will be excited to see the names of men such Iry Lejeune, Denis Mcgee, or Joe Falcon. Learn more about the first female to ever record Cajun music, singer and guitarist, Cleoma Falcon, and the women who rock the genre today.

True Cajun Mardi Gras

Looking for something new and exciting this carnival season? Check out the traditional Courir de Mardi Gras & Chicken Run in Eunice, Louisiana. This Mardi Gras celebration is nothing like parades you see in the city, but instead, a procession of people in whimsical costumes, romping around the countryside.

The Eunice Courir de Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday Run) dates back from when the town was first established in the late 19th century. In fact, this year, the Eunice Mardi Gras Association is celebrating their 100th courir! During a “courir,” riders go from house to house soliciting “donations” of food items to culminate in a community-wide gumbo. The highlight of the event is the chicken run, an honored tradition for ambitious, young revelers. During the run, the “capitaine” will release a chicken or guinea. The lucky person who catches the fowl gets bragging rights for the rest of the evening.

Come visit and Enjoy what the city has to offer anytime of the year … Lisa

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