Gifts from Home

Today I am using my kitchen for something crafty. I am making homemade soap for gift giving for the Holiday. This is an easy version using a Soap base and a microwave -so enjoy ... Lisa 5.5 oz pour and melt  Soap base ( oatmeal or goat milk) 1/8 tsp  group cinnamon 2 tbs  quick oats 10–12 drops  [...]

Happy Birthday ! Sis

Today's is my sister's birthday and I am celebrating with making her favorite dishes on my Food blog. We cant be together in person but we are together virtually..... Shrimp Creole 4 lb large Shrimp3/4 C oil3 T flour1 bunch shallots1 can tomato paste4 green bell peppers2 tsp salt2 tsp black pepper Clean Shrimp and [...]