Spring Garden : Updated

My family garden

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Azalea Trail

A springtime attraction since the 1930’s, the Lafayette Historic Azalea Trail is a winding drive through historic districts, downtown, the university and oil center, and neighborhood garden districts with grand boulevards for approximately 25 miles of the city’s urban core.  Mid-century, it was reported that over 40,000 visitors drove the trail each year!  The Southern Indica Lavender Formosa Azalea was christened “The General Lafayette” in the 1950’s as the city flower in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette.

In 2015 Scenic Lafayette began extensive revitalization of the azalea trail. Since that time over 1,000 azaleas have been planted thru our partnerships.  In recognition of its continuing efforts and programs for promoting azaleas as valuable landscape shrubs, Lafayette earned the Azalea City Certification in 2016 by the Azalea Society of America.  This cultural floral attraction is a display of such breathtaking floral color and beauty that it cannot be described in words.  Come and enjoy this “flower power” show.   Watch us Bloom!

Garden in Lafayette, La.

Azaleas are typically deciduous while other rhododendrons are evergreen. Azalea flowers are funnel-shaped, somewhat two-lipped, and often fragrant.

Azaleas do well in full sun or part shade (about four hours of sun). Planted in full sunazaleas will be more compact and floriferous. When planted in part shade, they will stretch toward the sunlight and form a more graceful habit; flowers will not be as plentiful but will last longer

Flower facts and history:

What does the azalea flower symbolize?

The azalea is one of the most popular blooming plants available, and this is definitely attributed to its bright and beautiful blooms. Throughout the world, this flower stands for love and gentleness, making it perfect to give to a loved one for any occasion.

Azalea, certain species of Rhododendron of the heath family (Ericaceae), formerly placed in the genus Azalea. Many azaleas are grown as ornamentals for their showy flowers, and most of the cultivated varieties have been bred from species that are native to the hilly regions of Asia and North America.

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