Monday : Coffee Break

Good Morning everyone and are you ready for a break from your busy Monday morning. Take a break with me and ejoy some family updates and coming blog updates.Its Spring time !

My family:

We have all been busy here : hubby with work and community projects, my son had a laptop melt down -so we had to buy him a new one and me : busy with our new puppy Blue ( Blue’s Clues) . He’s settling in okay but still a puppy and needs lots of attention. I had forgoten how much trouble a growing puppy needs.

Adopt from shelter: Blue

Spring is Here in South Louisiana :

Help me Celebrate with all things Spring:

Blog post:

The azealea are in bloom and we are celebrating here tomorrow with our Tuesday garden post.

Food blog : Great Spring recipes with fresh ingredients from the garden

Stopping at the Farm store: chick’s are here.

Spring crafts and reviews as we get ready for Easter.

Join me for another busy week at Lisa Everyday Life and my book blog Lisa Everyday Reads.

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