Kids Crafts: Christmas

This Saturday: Christmas in July is crafting with kids post. They are a fun and cheap way to decorate a tfee or give as a gift. They are also a great group project for classroom or troops groups. Lisa

From Dollar store $1
Salt dough

I made a batch of salt dough and rolled out and cut with Christmas cookie cutters. The kids painted with acrylic paint and can be sealed .

Extra plastic beads : on a baking sheet place Christmas cookie cutter and fill with plastic beads. Bake in oven at 250 intil beads melt. Then take out and while hot but a hole in for a hanger. Let Cool.

Thanks for stopping bye ! Lisa

One thought on “Kids Crafts: Christmas

  1. These are great ideas for kids. Looks like so much fun. We missed Christmas in July but will post winter holiday craft ideas in November.

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