Lisa Children Book Shelf : ABC Bug Book for Kids

Explore bug facts while practicing the ABCs—for kids ages 1 to 3

From ants to zebra spiders, there’s a bug for every letter of the alphabet! Meet a huge variety of our many-legged friends with this colorful book made just for toddlers. They’ll dive into awesome trivia about bugs—like what they eat and where they live—all while learning their letters.

Go beyond other bug books for kids with:

  • Crawling critters from A to Z—Connect all 26 letters to different bugs to help little ones remember what they learn.
  • Fascinating facts and pictures—Age-appropriate language and tons of vibrant photos will keep kids engaged with every page.
  • A quiet time activity—This book is perfect for adults to read aloud, or for kids and parents to read together.

Help kids learn the alphabet and get excited about nature with this big book of bugs.

Why on my Book Shelf:

Book Tag : Childrenages1-3, educational

You will love this books bright colors and fun facts -as your children learn the alphabet. A fun book for parents to read and children to learn. This authors books make learning fun.

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