Announcing : A Christmas Cookie Exchange

Here’s the NEW fresh-baked edition for 2022!

Should you judge a cookie by its sprinkles?

Teach children that what’s in their hearts is more important than outside appearances.

Phil is a plain oatmeal cookie with a yummy fruit filling!
He feels shy and a little sad next to the decorated Christmas cookies at the Christmas cookie exchange party. He longs to be fancy like them.

With support and confirmation from an assortment of cookies: a superhero, a princess, a celebrity, and an athlete, Phil understands his feelings matter, and it is the sweetness within that counts.

An important lesson for kids ages 4 through 8, and a great reminder for us all!

A Christmas Cookie Exchange is a colorful, unique rhyming story with an essential, positive lesson presented in a festive, child-friendly way.

Go beyond other Christmas books for kids with:

  • A unique underlying message – self-acceptance and inclusion are important in today’s world.
  • Discussion opportunities – it’s okay to talk about emotions and feelings.
  • Celebrate differences – cookies, like friends, are diverse and come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Christmas cookie recipes – included for each type of cookie mentioned inside.

If you are looking for meaningful Christmas books for children, A Christmas Cookie Exchange is a sweet, heartwarming story for the holiday season and the new year ahead!

Coming Next Week ; 2022 Cookie Exchange !

Who doesn’t love cookies. We go for the sprinkles, chocolate, colored frosting, but what about that cookie without the racket dazzle? Sheri Wall offers another well written rhyming book perfect as a read aloud and perfect for the kiddos on the verge of reading. Repeated phrases build both verbal and memory. Not to mention being a plain cookie is sometimes the best and most special

This year the Melville Library will be the Home for the Community Cookie Exchange ! Checkout Books, Cookie recipes and Fun and games each Saturday in December…. Lisa

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