ARC Inherit the Wool by Betty Hechtman



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In a new Yarn Retreat Mystery from national bestselling author Betty Hechtman, Casey Feldstein is determined to tie up loose ends to solve another murder . . .

“If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. The mystery will delight you, and afterward you’ll be itching to start a knitting or crochet project of your own.” —Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

After reconnecting with some old college friends on social media, part-time dessert chef and muffin maker Casey Feldstein has gotten herself roped into hosting a knitting retreat for the group. Tangled up in worries over how they’ll judge her unconventional life and the rustic atmosphere at Vista Del Mar, she watches in dismay as the women arrive and their old personalities—and old grudges—come trickling to the surface. But Casey discovers these are the least of her problems when one of the women is found dead.

With everyone a suspect—including an old crush of Casey’s who’s mysteriously been invited to join the retreat—Casey knows she’ll have to start stitching together clues to uncover the culprit. And as long-held secrets start emerging, she begins to suspect that each of the women may have had a motive for murder. Casey wants to avoid needling her old friends with accusations, but she knows she’ll have to ask some pointed questions if she’s going to unravel the clues and catch a killer . . .

Includes a pattern for a fun, easy scarf and a mouthwatering recipe!


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So I must confess I am not much of a knitter but I really enjoyed this book and it was anew series to me. Casey is hosting a knitting retreat at her place with some old friends that have reconnected. Now that can be good and bad and in this case its bad for the murder victim. We see a great cast of characters  come to this charming place and Casey has the tough job of picking the stitch that will unrivaled the  mystery. I loved how people dont relay  change that much over the years -thats probably why I dont go to reunions,  But I might try this scarf pattern .. Lisa 



More Praise for the Yarn Retreat Mysteries:

“A cozy mystery that you won’t want to put down. It combines cooking, knitting and murder in one great book!” —Fresh Fiction on Yarn to Go

“The California seaside is the backdrop to this captivating cozy that will have readers heading for the yarn store in droves.” —Debbie’s Book Bag on Yarn to Go

About the Author:

Betty Hechtman is the national bestselling author of the Crochet Mysteries and the Yarn Retreat Mysteries. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago and has a degree in Fine Art. Since college, she has studied everything from improve comedy to magic, and has had an assortment of professions, including volunteer farm worker, nanny at a summer resort, waitress at a coffee house, and telephone operator. She lives with her family and stash of yarn in Southern California. You can learn more about Betty and find excerpts from all her books at She blogs on Fridays at, and you can join her on Facebook at BettyHechtmanAuthor and on Twitter at @BettyHechtman.

A Haunting Homicide: Halloween Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

Today I am starting my 2 Day Halloween fun post – so how about a boxed set of books for only 99 cents. !   Lisa 


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When the ghouls come out to play… the amateur sleuths are on the case! Curl up by the fire and sip a cup of cider with this collection of 4 full-length, spooky cozy mystery novels from USA Today bestselling and award winning authors! This collection includes:

Calamity Jayne and the Haunted Homecoming
Calamity Jayne Mysteries
It’s autumn in the heartland, but this year, Tressa Jayne Turner isn’t just enjoying the candy corn, popcorn balls and caramel apples. This reporter is on a mission to sniff out a serious story. Enter a blackmailing, six-foot-two-inch homecoming queen candidate with all the charm of Frankenstein in taffeta, a rival reporter out to scoop the competition, and a séance-hosting grandmother!

Mystic Mayhem
Mystic Isle Mysteries book #1
Melanie Hamilton brings home the bacon by inking tattoos at New Orleans’s Mansion at Mystic Isle, a resort in the middle of the bayou that caters to fans of the peculiar and paranormal. But when a guest of the resort, a millionaire’s widow, is poisoned, and Melanie’s close friend is arrested for the murder, things go from hectic to downright dangerous.

Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys
Gianna Mancini Mysteries book #1
Gianna Mancini has chatted with ghosts most of her life. It’s never affected her much. Until now. The latest ghost in Gianna’s world is a woman she despises and to get her of her apartment, Gianna chooses to help her move on. But she doesn’t expect to come across poisonous jam, a vengeful cop, or a group of friendly clowns…and a whole lot of trouble.

Murder Casts Its Spell
Petra Paranormal Mysteries book #1
Attorney Petra Rakowtiz lives in a world much like ours…except that her latest client is a wizard. Petra might agree that magic can be unpredictable…especially when she suddenly possesses those powers herself. With the Wizard Council threatening to lock her up for inability to control her new power, and her client’s life on the line if she doesn’t prove him innocent, Petra could be in trouble.

“The ghosts are booing in the eerie bayou in this fantastic southern tale, MYSTIC MAYHEM. Charming, cunning and clever.”
~ Romance Junkies

“Fans of Janet Evanovich will be glad to see that you don’t always have to go to the burgh for mirthful murder and mayhem.” (Calamity Jayne Mysteries)
~ Booklist

“If you like your cozy mysteries on the humorous side, then look no further.” (Gianna Mancini Mysteries)
~ Fresh Fiction

Drop Dead Ornaments by Lois Winston




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Anastasia Pollack’s son Alex is dating Sophie Lambert, the new kid in town. For their community service project, the high school seniors have chosen to raise money for the county food bank. Anastasia taps her craft industry contacts to donate materials for the students to make Christmas ornaments they’ll sell at the town’s annual Holiday Crafts Fair.

At the fair Anastasia meets Sophie’s father, Shane Lambert, who strikes her as a man with secrets. She also notices a woman eavesdropping on their conversation. Later that evening when the woman turns up dead, Sophie’s father is arrested for her murder.

Alex and Sophie beg Anastasia to find the real killer, but Anastasia has had her fill of dead bodies. She’s also not convinced of Shane’s innocence. Besides, she’s promised younger son Nick she’ll stop risking her life. But how can she say no to Alex?


Editorial Reviews


“Ialways forget how much I love this series until I read the next one and I fallin love all over again. This time Anastasia’s adventures are a bit closer tohome when her son’s girlfriend’s father is accused of murder. Of course, afterextolling the virtues of his mother’s sleuthing skills, what else can she dobut try to help. And that’s when the fun begins in the wickedly humorouswhodunit that has Anastasia looking at clues that presents itself while tryingto craft a solid alibi for the accused.

Thiswas a well-written and fast-paced tale that quickly became a page-turner. Theauthor has a way with the narrative, keeping me immersed in all that washappening within the pages. I like how the mystery was spun with hints here andthere with a few red herrings that kept leading me one way until the killer’sidentity was revealed. Of course, what would this story be without appearancesfrom Ira, Flora and Lucille who was off-screen but always present in herescapades. This was one of the best books in this engaging series and I can’twait for more adventures with Anastasia, Zack and the rest of the gang.” – Dru’sBook Musings

About the Author

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Lois Winston writes mystery, romance, romantic suspense, chick lit, women’s fiction, children’s chapter books, and nonfiction under her own name and her Emma Carlyle pen name. Kirkus Reviews dubbed her critically acclaimed Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery series, “North Jersey’s more mature answer to Stephanie Plum.” In addition, Lois is an award-winning craft and needlework designer who often draws much of her source material for both her characters and plots from her experiences in the crafts industry.

Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers blog:
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Apple Pie and Arsenic by CA Phipps


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Do you like a culinary cozy?

Madeline Flynn thought that opening her bakery and winning the top prize for her apple pie at the Spring Festival would be the most excitement in her day.

She wasn’t expecting to find the dead body of her good friend beside her car or to be accused of murder.
Things like that just don’t happen in small towns like Maple Falls.

With nowhere else to turn, she enlists the help of her old flame Sheriff Ethan Tanner, as well as her irrepressible Gran, to find the murderer before Maddie’s put in jail or there’s another death on their hands.

Danger threatens at every turn, and when Maddie ends up on her own, scared and out of her depth, it seems that even an award-winning baker isn’t safe from Maple Falls’ first serial killer.

Alisha ***** Apple Pie and Arsenic is a brand new cozy mystery by C.A. Phipps. Madeline Flynn is brought back to her hometown of Maple Falls when her Grandmother decides to sell the family home and move into something smaller after being sick. Once home Gran talks Maddie into opening up her own bakery right there in Maple Falls and converting the upstairs into an apartment for the two of them to share.
After getting the bakery up and running Maddie decides to enter her apple pie into the Spring Festival, after winning first place a group of her friends decides to go out to celebrate her win. When Maddie makes it to her car she finds one of her friends dead and is immediately a suspect. It’s up to Maddie to clear her name and help prevent another murder in town.
If you like small town settings, wonderful friends, and family values then this is the new series is for you!

Bernadette *****I really enjoyed reading this book. The small town vibe is well done. Maddie and her friends, the girlz, Ethan and, especially Gran, all add to the fun. Maddie has to do some growing up. She continues to deny her feelings for Ethan, but that just means that the gang will be back for another book! I really enjoyed this mystery.

Nicole ***** This is the first of the Maple Lane Cozy Mystery books by Ms. Phipps and wow did I love this book. Maddie is coming home to visit her Gran and to help her Gran sell her house, but Gran has a plan of her own. Maddie ends up staying in town and opening a bakery and then things start to go wrong. A friend dies and the search is on for the killer. Maddie and the girlz turn into amateur sleuths to help find the killer since Maddie is receiving threats.
I can say that the book ends on a positive note and I loved the way Ms. Phipps would throw in a sentence that helped fill in tiny bits of the backstory but it fit and flowed perfectly. It would be amazing to see all the Girlz get a man as they are all single as the series progresses but as long as it doesn’t affect their friendship. I highly recommend this book. A great book to start the series with.
Now I have a need for Apple pie ��

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

No swearing, gore or graphic scenes.

Book 1 and 2 in the Maple Lane Mysteries are out now, with book three available for pre-order.
Apple Pie and Arsenic
Bagels and Blackmail
Cookies and Chaos

About the author:
Cheryl is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand with two alter egos: C.A. Phipps who writes cozy mysteries and chick lit, and Cheryl Phipps who writes contemporary romance.

She loves stories filled with feisty heroines, suave heroes, and wonderful small towns, and crafting her own heart-warming tales of strong family ties, mixed in with a little romance, humor, and delicious baking!
With a wonderful husband whom she married the moment she left school (yes, they were high school sweethearts) by her side, she is devoted to her children and grandchildren and loves animals of all kinds, especially bossy cats!

Book Review * Premeditated Peppermint* Amish Candy Shop



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Someone’s sweet on revenge . . .
Christmas is Bailey King’s favorite time of year. For her first Yuletide in Harvest, Ohio, the former big-city chocolatier is recreating a cherished holiday treat: peppermint combined with molten white chocolate. But her sugar high plummets when her former boyfriend walks into the candy shop she now runs with her Amish grandmother. New York celebrity chef Eric Sharp and his TV crew have arrived to film an authentic Amish Christmas. Bailey’s not about to let her beloved town—and Swissmen Sweets—be turned into a sound bite. Unfortunately, she gets more publicity than she bargained for when Eric’s executive producer is found strangled to death—and Eric’s the prime suspect.

With Bailey’s sheriff deputy boyfriend out to prove Eric’s guilt, her bad-boy ex tries to sweet-talk her into helping him clear his name . . . and rekindle their romance to boost ratings for his show. Now, between a surplus of suspects and a victim who wasn’t who she seemed, Bailey’s edging dangerously close to a killer who isn’t looking to bring joy to the world—or to Bailey—this deadly Noel . . .


My Review :  I didn’t realize that it was the third in a series but I don’t think that it hindered the reading experience.  Having read that you may want to read the other two books but not jump in any enjoy the books.
This  mystery is one involves a TV crew, an Ex, and a whole lot of suspects and suspicion. And that’s all I am saying because you need to read the book to enjoy the atmosphere.
The author really captures the blended living of the different types of people (including the TV crew from the city) with the local small town. The characters are all well written and you feel right at home with them and cant wait to turn a page to see what happens next. Its a great holiday read -so enjoy. Lisa 


Recipe Included!
Praise for Amanda Flower and her Amish cozies
“As it turns out, Amanda Flower may have just written the first Amish rom com.”  —USA Today 
“Flower has hit it out of the ballpark . . . and continues to amaze with her knowledge of the Amish way of life.”  —RT Book Reviews
“At turns playful and engaging . . . a satisfyingly complex cozy.” —Library Journal

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Amanda Flower is a three-time Agatha Award-nominated author. She also writes the USA Today bestselling Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries, including Murder, Served Simply and Murder, Simply Stitched, under the name Isabella Alan. Visit her at

A Catered Thanksgiving by Isis Crawford

51KNEsZgrFL._SY346_ (1)

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Whipping up Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for anyone, but that goes double for the Field family. Everything has to be perfect, or they risk getting cut out of dominating patriarch Monty’s lucrative will. That’s where sisters Bernie and Libby’s catering company, A Little Taste of Heaven, comes in. Surely with their lumpless mashed potatoes and to-die-for gravy, even the super-dysfunctional Fields can get along for one meal. But no one can dress up disaster when the turkey goes boom right in Monty’s scowling face, sending him to that great dining room in the sky.

With everyone harboring their own cornucopia of secrets, discovering who wanted to carve up Monty won’t be easy. Worse, the Field Mansion is draped under a snowstorm, trapping them with a killer determined to get more than his piece of the pie. Bernie and Libby will have to find out who the culprit is, fast, before the leftovers–and their chances of surviving–run out for good. . .

“Spritely. . . The action builds to more fireworks and a dramatic rescue.” —Publishers Weekly

“This will please Crawford’s old fans and bring in new ones.” —RT Book Reviews

“Fans of culinary cozies by Joanne Fluke and Diane Mott Davidson will enjoy discovering Crawford.” –Library Journal


Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

In Crawford’s sprightly seventh mystery with recipes featuring sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons (after 2009’s A Catered Birthday Party), the proprietors of A Little Taste of Heaven, their Longely, N.Y., catering company, prepare a Thanksgiving feast for Scrooge-like fireworks manufacturer Monty Field and his family at the Field mansion. When Monty comes into the kitchen to test the roasting turkey, Bernie and Libby watch in horror as Monty taps the pop-up button in the bird’s breast and the turkey explodes, blowing off the top of his head. Libby fears their stuffing made the turkey explode, but they soon learn that there was plenty of rivalry among the assembled family members, any one of whom had reason to want Monty dead. A heavy snowstorm ensures the suspects stay put as the sisters start to investigate. That their father, Sean, was on bad terms with the victim complicates their task. The action builds to more fireworks and a dramatic rescue. (Nov.) (c)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book Review * Assault and Beadery

Today’s cozy mystery combines great mystery with a Crafty twist * 


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All of Cora Chevalier’s dreams are coming true. Since moving to Indigo Gap, North Carolina, the busy crafting maven has been blessed with a great boyfriend, a lovely home, and a booming craft retreat business. But on the eve of her first Crafty Mom’s Escape Weekend, tragedy strikes again in Indigo Gap. This time, it’s curtains for Stan Herald, the disagreeable director of the local theater group, who’s murdered on the opening night of their new production. Worse, Cora’s friend Zee is accused of the crime.

Cora is determined to prove her friend’s innocence, but Zee’s mysterious past is making that difficult. And with a list of suspects longer than a double spool of satin cording, getting a bead on the real culprit won’t be easy. With her friends Jane and Ruby at her side, Cora must string together the clues and solve Stan’s murder before the killer gives an encore performance.
Includes crafting tips!


****Book Review from Net Galley – this is the 4th book of this crafty series. If you are like me and you love to do crafts this book is for you. When a group of crafters get together for a retreat  something goes wrong. A body of the local theater director is found murdered and Zee is accused. But Cora and her friends dont believe that so they start to investigate and find clues to the real killer. Another great cozy mystery perfect for a rainy day reading like today. With a great cast of characters and easy crafting tips this book is a sure winner.   Lisa




Praise for Mollie Cox Bryan’s mysteries
“A playful charmer!”
Woman’s World on No Charm Intended
“Scrapbookers and hobby cozy fans will enjoy this delightful holiday escape.”
Library Journal on A Crafty Christmas
“A font of ingenuity . . . superb entertainment.”
Mystery Scene magazine on Scrapbook of Secrets

About the Author

Mollie Cox Bryan writes cozy mysteries with edge and romances with slow, sweet burn. The first book in her Cora Crafts Mystery series, Death Among the Doilies, was a “Fresh Fiction Not to Miss” selection and was a finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award. The second book, No Charm Intended, was named a “Summer 2017 Top 10 Beach Read” by Woman’s World. She also wrote the Agatha-award nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries. She makes her home at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, where she works as a researcher and fact checker and writes in the early morning hours. Visit her and sign up for her newsletter at

Sunday Morning Read*

Good Morning ! It’s a Hot * Humid day today.

So after lunch is done I am cooling down with a good book. It’s National raisin cinnamon bread day -so I found this book to celebrate.  A small town cozy mystery that will keep you guessing to the end.  Lisa 

book link






It’s springtime in Sugar Hill, Virginia and that means it’s time for the Blowout Bonanza Bake Sale. Starla Cupp agrees to donate loaves of her famous raisin bread, which is always a hit.

But her world is about to be turned upside down. Starla gets a call from a celebrity chef with a wildly popular reality TV show who wants to come to her diner and prepare one of his famous meals – and he’s paying her for the privilege. She sure could use some new appliances, and maybe some small renovations, and this is a great way to pay for it.

Everything comes to a screeching halt when the contractor sprucing up her kitchen finds a skeleton behind a wall. With the renovations already behind schedule, dozens of loaves of raisin bread to bake, and a beautiful new newspaper editor in town who’s taken a liking to Tucker, Starla still can’t stay out of the investigation. Especially when this discovery uncovers an unsolved double murder that took place in her beloved diner almost fifty years earlier.
Are the two connected?

You betcha.

Can Starla solve this cold case before the celebrity chef arrives or is it already too late to bring a killer to justice?

She’s sure gonna try.

Live Creative Day! Celebrate Everyday

Today is National Live Creative Day !!

How do you get Creative ? I have a blog dedicated to all things Creative – take a look at what I am posting today Lisa Daily Grind

Do you do Needle craft ? Here’s a great holiday book to get you in the mood to Create . Lisa


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Santa finds himself in a stitch of trouble in the tenth in the series from the national bestselling author of The Stitching Hour

Marcy is busy helping her customers make hand-crafted ornaments at her embroidery shop, the Seven-Year Stitch. But despite the yuletide bustle, when her friend Captain Moe asks for her help, she can’t refuse—especially when the favor is to play the elf to his Santa for sick children at a local hospital. Despite the ridiculous outfit, Marcy finds herself enjoying spreading cheer—until the hospital’s administrator is found murdered.

Although the deceased had plenty of people willing to fill her stocking with coal, evidence pins the crime on Moe. Now it’s up to Marcy, with the help of her police officer boyfriend Ted and her Irish Wolfhound Angus, to stitch together the clues to clear Moe’s name—before someone else winds up crossed off Santa’s list for good…

Are you a quilter or love sewing ? Play along with this free quilt along. Today’s block is all about the Star.

On the top of your Tree :

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A Dish Best Served Cold * Rosie Genova


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The national bestselling author of The Wedding Soup Murder returns to the Jersey Shore where a killer is stirring up trouble during a hurricane…

At the Casa Lido, the end of summer means a party, and hit whodunit writer Victoria “Vic” Rienzi and her family are cooking like crazy for the restaurant’s seventieth anniversary celebration. As they chop onions and garlic, old family friend Pete Petrocelli stops by, saying he knows something that would make for a good mystery novel. Curious, Vic asks Nonna to elaborate on Pete’s claim and learns of a relative who mysteriously disappeared back in Italy…

The night of the party brings a crowd—and a full throttle hurricane. When the storm finally passes, everyone thinks they’re in the clear—until the first casualty is found, and it’s Pete. Remembering his visit, Vic isn’t certain Pete’s death was an accident and decides to dig deeper into his story. What she finds is meatier than Nonna’s sauce…

Editorial Reviews


“A perfect storm of great atmosphere, likeable characters, excellent plotting, and nifty transitions between New Jersey’s past and present. Highly recommended!”-Suspense Magazine

About the Author

A Jersey girl born and bred, Rosie Genova left her heart at the shore, which serves as the setting for the Italian Kitchen Mysteries. The first book in the series, Murder and Marinara, was a Suspense Magazine Best Pick of 2013 and was a finalist for the 2014 Daphne Award. An English teacher by day and novelist by night, Rosie also writes women’s fiction as Rosemary DiBattista. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband and the youngest of her three sons.