My husband cooked last night. He's a talented cook trained by the best -his Mom and maybe growing up in a restaurant in Ohio. If we want Chinese at home we have to make it-no take out here. Lisa

Quilt patterns

My mother is a sewer and she passed on her hobby to me. I made this quilted wall hanging for my hubby's office. Reconize the pattern - it's from a target used in shooting practice. Anything can be made into a quilt pattern. Have a crafty -Sunday ! Lisa 

Sunday’s Lunch

  Pork Roast on the Grill   3 lb Boneless Pork Roast (Trimmed) Injected – 2 ounces apple/cranberry juice. Rub- olive, Grant seasoning mix – let sit half hour covered.   Browned over out coals on grill –  In a  pan place  season mix( trinity) ,garlic ,can beer . Replace roast over other ingredients - [...]

Sunday’s Thoughts

  Sunday’s  thoughts   As I sit down to write this I look outside my window and see my hometown. Melville   , Louisiana is like any other small rural town. It grew up around the river- Atchafalaya River  and its income came from the same river. As time changed and the river changes so did [...]