Review – Camilla

  Reformed party-girl Camilla Lind accepts Jared Richardson’s ring, but she won’t be pressured into setting a wedding date at Fleur de Lis. When Steven Sterling, the bane of her old life, shows up to convince her of his undying love, he’s not beneath blackmail to get her back. Camilla fears Jared will believe Steven’s [...]

Strawberry Delight

Southern's love there jello molds -here's a classic- lisa Strawberry Delight 2 pkg strawberry jello 2 cups out water 3 pt pints of strawberries cut/sweetened 1 pint whipped cream 1 angel food cake (torn in pieces Dissolve jello with water, let thicken. Fold in the berries, whipped cream and cake. . Chill – then serve

Valentine Cards-

  The first Valentine’s cards The first Valentine’s cards were sent in the 18th century. Initially these were handmade efforts, as pre-made cards were not yet available. Lovers would decorate paper with romantic symbols including flowers and love knots, often including puzzles and lines of poetry. Those who were less inspired could buy volumes that [...]