The UnHallowed Series

Banned from Heaven. Escaped from Hell. They are UnHallowed. As the looming battle between the demon hordes and the UnHallowed intensifies, so does Amaya’s feelings for Bane. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with an UnHallowed, but the attraction is undeniable…as is the danger. Good thing he keeps pushing her away, underestimating her at every turn, [...]

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Wow ! It's already Monday & Thanksgiving here in the USA  is Thursday with shopping deals around the corner. My today's post is all about the holiday - As a homeschool do you celebrate it ? Take a break ? What do you teach? As a parent in a public on line school -we actually [...]

Monday * Thanksgiving Pie

Happy Monday ! And it's  Pie day  on Lisa * Everyday Life Each day this week i am going to feature Thanksgiving history,treats & fun.Today it's the History of Thanksgiving ,Crafts & Pie.   Also on My Recipe Box -a great side dish for your table.   Lisa       book link   Whipping up [...]