Golf Camp * Thank You Album

Happy Crafty  Wednesday friends : 

Today  I am sharing a  Thank You albums  I made for Golf Camp. Each year a dedicated group of volunteers share there love of golfing with the kids in the area.  This community  event is the highlight of the summer before school goes back. My son went for a number of years and now he helps out. A great way to serve the community and do something he  loves.

I make these  as a Thank You for all the volunteers hard work and dedication  with pictures I take the first day and let the kids sign them at the last day when I present them to the volunteers.   Lisa

Let’s talk construction :

  • The covers are made with heavy card board cut 4 by 8 . (2)
  • 4 pages inside of heavy double sided card stock. Cut 4 by 8
  • Binder is 2 small circle clips
  • Decorated with Golf stickers  and filled with  pictures and stories from golf camp. I leave a page blank  to collect signatures.     Lisa




Front Cover : 



Pictures  & journalist 




My sons page for him. For each book I do a dedication page about the person receiving the album.   



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