Salt Dough Ornaments

Saturday morning kids craft :  an it's an easy salt dough recipe to make  ornaments .  The Recipe to make these :  4 C Flour1 C  Salt11/2 C Water ( maybe a little more) Cookie Cutters , thread for hangers, paint or glitter for decorations Mod Podge  or clear finish to seal the paint.Mix together and roll … Continue reading Salt Dough Ornaments

Saturday morning * Lost Bread recipe

it's Saturday Morning and for breakfast we are having  Lost Bread. A family favorite for this cold wet morning :  1  loaf of Reising French Bread / Poor Boy Bread 1 C milk4 eggs2 T butter2 tsp sugar1 tsp vanillaCinnamon,powder sugar or syrupSlice bread into 1 inch slices. Mix milk,sugar,egg and vanilla-sprinkle with cinnamon on top.  … Continue reading Saturday morning * Lost Bread recipe