DIY Garden Crafts * Rabbits

Another Sunny Friday in South Louisiana. With my eye to the garden I am sharing some fun outside crafts.

So lets gather some supplies

  • albumin cans
  • white spray paint
  • piece of wire, material for ears, paint for face ,ribbon

Take an empty clean can and stomp on it. Folding in together. Then spray paint it white . Let Dry. Attach hanger or not (if using with a stack)

Then time to decorate your Rabbit . Mine I use in a wreath on my door, But If you plan to be outside in the sun and rain choose material that will hold up to the weather.

  • 2 Bunny ears – cut from craft foam or water proof fabric . Glued on to top.
  • Ribbon : My bow is Raffia but any type of poly waterproof ribbon would work (floral dept)
  • Paint Face : with acrylic pain. You can set with clear finish.

If not using hanger you can fasten your stack through the back drinking hole.

Garden Markers :

  • Aluminium pan /scissors
  • Spray pain
  • acrylic paint
  • sticks /post

Every garden needs some plant markers. These are used with left over aluminium dishes. Mark out your shape and carefully cut your designs. Now be Careful ( sharp edges) and Cut out your shape. If you are working with children you may want to this and bend back the edges before the paint on the Front. Then have fun painting labels for your garden. Then punch holes to thread you holder through. If you want you can coat them with a sealer so they keep there color all season long.

My Rabbit needed carrots and this is in a square shape like a seed packet but you can have fun with the shapes . Lisa

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