Bible Journaling for the Fine Artist

Sunday’s Book Review :

Explore your faith artistically with Bible Journaling for the Fine Artist—a guide that goes beyond doodling and lettering to teach you to make fine art prayer journals, daily devotionals, and more.

Beginning with a brief introduction to Bible journaling, this valuable guide explores various media, including colored pencilspen and ink, brush pens, and watercolor paint, and how to use them. You will find dozens of step-by-step tutorials for drawing and painting beautiful artwork related to meaningful Bible passages, as well as plenty of ideas and techniques for applying letteringflourishesicons, and embellishments to your artwork for maximum impact.

There are tips for creating compelling layouts, reworking and embracing mistakes, and several step-by-step projects for you to incorporate into your own Bible or prayer journal. Two talented and dynamic artists show how they integrate their own style and artistry with their faith through a variety of art journaling projects, from full-page masterpieces to smaller artwork in the margins and on the covers of their journals.

Net Galley Book Review:

As you might notice from my blog post on Sunday I am a fan of bible journaling and was excited to read this newest book. If you are fairly new to this craft this book starts with a list of supplies need and some tutorials to get you starts. If you have been at it a while there’s also some great idea’s to add some extra flair with lettering and flourishing to top off your master pieces. So no matter your skill level -you will learn something in this book. With these two talented artist leading the way we can all be artist in our own way. So let;s get bible journaling : Lisa

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