Sunday’s Inspiration

Sunday’s Book Review:

WHAT A GREAT WORD FOR MOMS is a unique gift book that offers inspiring devotional thoughts, literary quotes, Scriptures and prayers, all built around key Bible words. Each word is intended to encourage, challenge, and bless those who are moms at any age and stage.
Readers will discover words meant to be pondered and digested, each one offering a fresh, new perspective on a biblical word as it applies to motherhood. Each word will inspire the hearts of moms and help them remember that God is with them wherever they may be.
WHAT A GREAT WORD FOR MOMS offers encouragement for the hearts and minds of moms, grandmothers, and those who are like a mom to others, giving them a new opportunity to draw closer to God.

Net Galley Review:

What a Great Word for Moms by Karen Moore ( Faith Words) is a devotional for Moms of all ages written to inspire and encourage them with words pulled from Bible verses. Words like courage, faith, hope, love, prayer, teach, and wisdom are included in this devotional–all words that speak to moms. Moore wants moms to focus on just one word a day in each reading. And in that reading find peace,joy and hope. This book is perfect for a gift or give this book to yourself it will inspire you. Lisa

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