Mission to Mars

Today at the Library we are exploring Mars .

kindle unlimited

This interesting and kind story is about Space and Mars. Mars is one of the planets in our Solar System, who thought there was nothing special about him. He considered that all planets had something unique in their nature and they were all beautiful except him. However, as all other planets along with the Sun were friendly and loved Mars, they pointed out to Mars’s uniqueness. This book about Solar System will not only become your kid’s beloved one among all other kids’ books he/she has but will also teach him/her the names of the planets and their peculiarities.

Ticket to Mars:

No amount of money will buy you a ticket to Mars right now, but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says the cost of relocating to another planet could be $500,000 in the not-too-distant future. If you decide you don’t like it on Mars, no problem; you can come back to Earth for free.


Today Crafts:

  • paper coffee filters
  • markers
  • spray bottle with water

Color the paper filter with Reds ,yellow and oranges. Spray water on the colored filter and let dry. Hang in window..Lisa

2 thoughts on “Mission to Mars

  1. We are having a great time also in Tupelo Ms at the Lee County Library. I work in the Children’s Department and it has been full of families this week. I put together a Space Station makers space and filled it with boxes and everything to be thought of to make their stations. This Summer is going to be fun!


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