Parenting Your Parents

A Practical Guide for Caregivers

Harvest House Publishers

by Dr. Grant Ethridge; Tammy Ethridge

Help and Hope for the Hard Road Ahead

If you are currently providing care for your aging parents or facing the prospect of doing so in the near future, you are definitely not alone. Dr. Grant Ethridge and his wife, Tammy, have been there, having given care during their dads’ last days. They know the stress and uncertainty you face.

Through their story and those of other caregivers, Grant and Tammy share research and practical tips to aid you in dealing with everyday caregiving struggles and situations. You will learn how to decide which care is best, prepare legal documents, handle family disputes, and much more.

They will also share encouragement and advice from the Bible. You’ll discover that with God’s help, you can make it through even the most difficult days in your journey.

Looking after an elderly or sick parent is a physically and emotionally draining experience. Let this book give you the tools you need to be successful without giving away your peace of mind in the process. 

And remember, as you give care to your parents, your Heavenly Father is always caring for you. 

Net Galley Book Review :

I will be the first to say I needed this book. We moved home 7 years ago so that I could help my parents . But sometimes its hard on both of us. They see me as a young child they need to protect and I see them as they get older and less able to take care of themselves.

This book is filled with good advice that I shared with my family and we made a list of legal and family matters that we need to get straight. But this for any one taking care of a parent or yourself – you are not alone .. Lisa

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