Weekend Quilter * Book Review

Happy Friday ! Need a gift that with keep on giving…. Read on

Love to quilt but short on time? Take back your favorite hobby with weekend quilting!

  • 26 step-by-step projects that can each be accomplished in a single weekend
  • Both traditional and modern projects are included, so you’re sure to find something to your taste
  • Learn specialist shortcuts and design techniques from 5 different artists
  • Handy tips for using a rotary cutter and sewing machine

Do you miss your quilting hobby because of how much time it usually takes to create a patchwork masterpiece? The Weekend Quilter is the perfect book for those who love to quilt, but don’t have time for long, laborious projects.

Featuring 26 step-by-step projects for traditional and modern quilts that are easy to make in a single weekend, The Weekend Quilter shows you how to create beautiful patchwork designs using a rotary cutter and sewing machine to revolutionize the way you quilt.

You’ll find projects inside for zigzags, seasonal, simple, pioneer, and Japanese-inspired quilts. You’ll also learn everything you need to know to make these projects even if you are a beginner.

With these quick projects, tips, specialist shortcuts, and design techniques from five different quilt artists—Pauline Adams, Gill Turley, Jenni Dobson, Anne Walker, Carol Dowsett—you’ll finally be able to take back your favorite hobby and become a weekend quilter!

Net Galley Book Review:

I am a quilter but if you are New to the hobby or just need to be inspired like me this is a great book. The book starts out with a brief history of quilts and then goes into supplies need to make your project. With clear pictures and directions this is a great book to have in your collection. And if it takes longer than a Weekend -I am not telling…. Lisa

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