Crawfish Season in Louisiana

Crawfish time in Louisiana !  It’s  all  about food and Fun -Lisa

Crawfish time – is Spring to the rest of the world.


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Crawfish season is not as easily defined as other seasons, such as crab or shrimp, because it is not legally regulated. However, that is not to say that there is not the “ideal time” to purchase and eat live crawfish. There are actually three factors that play heavily into when crawfish season happens:

  1. The Crawfish are readily available.
  2. They are cheap enough to afford.
  3. They are big enough to enjoy and be worth the effort.

In a normal year, these three planets align around the beginning of March and the season ends sometime in June. (cajun crawfish blog   for more info )


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According to Cajun Legend:

Crawfish are descendants of the Maine lobster.

After the Acadians (now called Cajuns) were exiled in the 1700s from Nova Scotia, the lobsters yearned for the Cajuns so much that they set off cross the country to find them.

This journey, over land and sea, was so long and treacherous that the lobsters began to shrink in size. By the time they found the Cajuns in Louisiana, they had shrunk so much that they hardly looked like lobsters anymore.

A great festival was held up their arrival, and this smaller lobster was renamed crawfish.

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