Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me !

It’s a rainy chili day in South Louisiana and just another Saturday . Nothing planned today just need to do some chores and discuss Thanksgiving plans with Mom. My birthday has actually come early this year usually it falls on Thanksgiving day and we just celebrate it then. But as a kid I was always happy when it was earlier than the holiday and didn’t have to share. . Do you have a love one who shares there birthday with a holiday ?

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

Sharing a Birthday with a Holiday :

  • Have a party at a different time. …
  • Dedicate another whole day to celebrations. …
  • Move other family birthday celebrations. …
  • 4. Make time to acknowledge it on the day. …
  • Give separate presents. …
  • Don’t use holiday wrapping. …
  • 7. Make a big fuss.

This is our Family Birthday table !

Lots of November Birthday babies in our family -This is how we make the day special… Lisa

Have a great Saturday ! And if you are celebrating a birthday in November Happy Birthday…..Lisa

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