Face Difficult Conversations with God on Your Side

“This book is not simply about becoming more assertive, but also how to let go of the fear that can stop you from living an authentic happy life . . . You will have an extensive toolkit by the end of this guide.”——Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review

Would you be happy if you could kill your anxiety, confidently ask for what you want, and get it?
Would your life be better if you could speak your mind and confront others without fear?

Of course!

Difficult conversations emotionally drain you. And if a woman follows generic advice implicitly written for men, it will likely backfire. Women tend to avoid conflict and make fewer requests for themselves than men because they know this: assertive men are admired, but assertive women are considered bossy; when a man protects his turf he’s a committed leader, but if a woman does the same she’s a control freak; and when a man and a woman express the same type of negative emotions with the same intensity, she’s considered “too emotional,” while he might be “having a bad day.”

Face Difficult Conversations with God on Your Side is a book tailored for Christian women, and it will help you speak up, resolve conflicts, and set boundaries in a healthy, successful, and biblical way.

Rebecca Finley is a professional speaker and trainer and an award-winning Amazon best-selling author with graduate degrees in business and communication. After 10 years of listening to the stories of hundreds of women and guiding them to improve their conflict-resolution skills, Rebecca has developed the powerful techniques you’ll learn in this book.

Face Difficult Conversations with God on Your Side is a step-by-step guide full of real-life stories and sprinkled with humor. It helps women use the fundamental principles of Christian faith, coupled with cutting-edge scientific research, to confidently navigate disagreements.

You will learn to:

  • Solve your problems and get what you want applying a Christian approach
  • Not be judged by others as passive (weak) or aggressive (bossy), but just right
  • Speak you mind without fear of hurting or losing a relationship
  • Control your emotions and lower their defenses, so they won’t turn the tables on you
  • Create a script to guide you, so you know exactly what to say and how to say it during a confrontation
  • And much more!

Face Difficult Conversations with God on Your Side gives you clear, specific instructions, tried-and-true advice, and hand-holding you need to feel prepared before, during, and after difficult conversations.

A significant portion of the profits from the sales of this book (25%) will be donated to Faith Maternity Care, a Christian maternity home that disciples and cares for homeless girls who choose life for their baby.

My Book Review :

I really needed this book. I am passive – I don’t like confrontation and have a tenancy to go with the crowd . But this book gave me confidence that I could speak up,get what I deserved while still being a Christian and a women of worth. My emotions have always overwhelmed me but now I know tips to combat that fear . And Finding my inter Deborah (from the book of Judges in the bible ) but maybe not leading army but leading myself and my family with strength and power. A book I highly recommend all women of all ages read and incorporate in there lives.

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