Easter Kids Crafts

This week I am celebrating with Easter Kids crafts. Made from simple inexpensive supplies you may have on hand get the kids together and have fun ! Normally we have a big family party on Good Friday with a egg hunt for all the kids . But this year it’s on hold. Maybe July 4th this year:

Rabbit Garland :

Made from Easter scrapbook paper to cut the rabbits and cute carrots in between.

Cute Bunny place card holders :

You can also make a large rabbit for Pin the tail on the rabbit game. And use the colored pom poms as the tail,

Cute Rabbit paper bags:

Decorate a paper bag and fill with Easter goodies.

Paper pieced Easter Egg :

Cut out the egg shape for each child and let them decorate with scrapbook paper scraps.

Have fun with these easy crafts and look for more this Friday >>>> Lisa

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