Blueberry Spangled Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery

Holiday Read ….

Lisa Everyday Reads

Book 48 in this series :

Heather is all set for a relaxing Memorial Day with her friends and Stars and Stripes Donuts, but an exploding grill has other plans for her. Heather has to figure out if the explosion was truly accidental or if a cold-blooded murderer is to blame.

When she learns that the victim was planning on changing his will after the holiday weekend, she is convinced it was murder. But why would someone choose such a fiery way to kill? With her bestie Amy at her side, Heather starts looking for motives.

Join Heather as she searches for answers to this explosive case!

Cozy Book Review :

Heather, Ryan and friends have plans for a holiday cookout, but when a neighbor’s grill explodes they quickly find themselves in the midst of another murder investigation.

All your favorite characters return as this long running series continues. If…

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