The Amish Cookie Club

Sunday’s book is coming out Tuesday ! Another great Amish book !

Every other Friday, Edna Esh and three of her childhood friends meet to bake sugar cookies for their respective church districts on worship Sunday. It’s a time to give to the Plain community—and give support to each other as they share their joys and fears . . .

Edna’s friend, Verna Bontrager, has a problem. Her outspoken twenty-year-old daughter, Myrna, has been fired from her job. Again. Myrna’s family really needs her to chip in, but she’s clearly unsuited to customer service—not to mention that her sharp tongue scares away any boy who might come courting. But Edna has an idea—and his name is Ezekiel Riehl. 

A widower with four young children, Ezekiel needs help. His house and his brood are a mess; his demeanor is gruff. It’s no surprise Myrna takes an immediate dislike to him. Yet she has no choice but to take on the challenge—and soon she starts to create order out of chaos. In fact, the kids begin to depend on Myrna—and so does Ezekiel. The truth is, she’s fallen in love with him. But if he’s to prove he’s not looking for a marriage of convenience, he’ll have to convince her of what’s in his heart . .

Net Galley Early Review : Coming May 28th

A sweet Amish book with lots of great characters . We are welcomes into The Amish Cookie Club where cookies and support is freely given. And Verna needs help with her daughter Mryna . The solution caring for a widowers 4 children. What starts out as a challenge becomes love when feeling for the Dad Ezekial -comes into to play. But is it love or convince well read the touching book to find out. Hopefully we will see more from the Amish Cookie Club in the future.. Lisa

One thought on “The Amish Cookie Club

  1. Thanks for suggesting this book. I’ll have to check it out. I also think you might enjoy Molly Jebber’s Amish book series. You can check out her books at

    She is a friend of mine as well, but her books are loved by many! Thanks!

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