CFFC: Coat of Many Colors

This week’s CFFC topic is Coat of Many Colors, by singer and songwriters Dolly Parton You will find the lyrics at this link. fun finding photo to fit all or some of the lyrics.

Family Quilts of many colors :

This song brings back memories of quilting with my Grandmother . We used scraps of fabric she had or from old clothes to make these warm quilts.

This one is made by my Grandmother.

I made this many years ago for my Grandmothers bed.

This was a kit I bought and my first quilt. It was a labor of love to grace my Grandmother’s bed in the Nursing home.

What is the history of quilting in the United States?

United States. Quilt making was common in the late 17th century and early years of the 18th century. Colonial quilts were not made of leftover scraps or worn clothing as a humble bedcovering during this period but were decorative items that displayed the fine needlework of the maker, such as the Baltimore album quilts.

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