Super Easy Slow Cooker Cookbook: 115 No-Fuss, Hands-Off Recipes

The easiest cooking method is now even easier

Forget about ordering takeout—slow cooking is the absolute easiest way to serve up delicious meals at home. No matter how busy you get, this slow cooker cookbook makes mealtime simple with recipes you can start before work (or bed!) and have ready and waiting to dish out at mealtime. All you need is a handful of ingredients, a few minutes to prep, and, of course, the Super Easy Slow Cooker Cookbook.

  • 115 healthy recipes—From breakfast to dessert, discover a full range of slow cooker dishes that avoid processed ingredients while still satisfying even the pickiest eaters.
  • Beginner-friendly guidance—Get the most out of your time and effort with an introductory guide to slow cooking, shopping tips, pantry stocking advice, and more.
  • Batch cooking staples—Create and store your own sauces, broths, and other essentials with an entire chapter dedicated to must-have basics.

Make great tasting dishes with ease thanks to this collection of slow cooker recipes.

Kindle Unlimited Book review:

Okay I am a slow cooker lover. And I am always looking for New tips and tricks. This book helps with that with healthy recipes and batching cooking – both things I am interested in. But it’s also a beginner friendly cookbook if you have never touch that slow cooker you got for a gift. I downloaded my copy with kindle unlimited but I suggest if you are new to slow cooking you might want to invest in a copy. Lisa

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