Homemade Holiday Sewing Aprons

Welcome to my Tuesday Sewing post. Today it’s all about aprons! No you wear one or know someone that does? This makes a great gift for a open house, shower or Holiday gift and can be made in various sizes. Lisa

DIY Apron Materials

  • one yard of thick(ish) fabric
  • scissors
  • thread that matches fabric
  • pencil or tailor’s chalk
  • cloth tape measure
  • sewing machine

What kind of fabric should I use for a DIY apron?

The best fabric for a DIY apron is the fabric you already have, if possible! Because using fabric you already have will reduce waste and save money. I made one recently from an old fabric tablecloth I had.

Step 1: Cut fabric pieces.

Precisely cut a piece of fabric down to size – 27 inches heigh by 20 inches wide. Then fold the fabric over like a hot dog (wrong side up). You’ll also want three long strips of fabric at this time.

  • If you fill more comfortable you can use the pattern below or make a pattern from paper before cutting out your fabric.

Step 2: Fold and measure.

Then with the top of the fold to your left, measure over from the fold 4 inches and make a small mark (this will give you a total of 8 inches when unfolded for the top of the apron).

Step 3: Measure and create a curved line.

Then measure from the opposite side – 18 inches high from the bottom and make a small mark. Then freehand a curved line from the mark you made in step 2 to the mark you made in step 3.

Step 4: Cut fabric on that line.

Cut on that line that was made in step 3, through both layers of fabric.

Step 5: Hem with sewing machine.

Hem with a sewing machine, to create a finished edge all the way around the apron. Being sure to cut little notches on the curved parts (arm area) of the apron to help it lay / fold better for hemming.

Step 6: Add the long straps.

Next, it’s time to add the long straps. For the back ties, find the very end of the arm area, where the bottom of the curved line meets that vertical fabric line.

Then attach one of the long 36 inch straps to the back of the fabric. For added strength, make a square box with your sewing machine, over the strap. And then an X through it.

Repeat this 

Step 7: Add the shorter strap.

Then, at the top of the neckline, add the shorter strap the same way you added the back ties in step 6. Snip any stray string to clean everything up and you’re ready to craft

Need a pattern https://sewcanshe.com/2016-6-29-1-yard-magic-apron-from-lecien-fabrics-free-pattern/

Next week I will be sharing Quilting gifts and tips and on Sept 28th Simple Halloween Costumes to make! Lisa

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