DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy Tuesday ! And Today I finish Sewing Month with Cute Halloween costumes. With basic supplies your family will be ready for Trick a Treat. So read on and have Fun! Lisa

Gingham Witch Costume :

Country living magazine

 Cut two 31- by 20-inch rectangles from black-and-white gingham fabric. Sew ends together, leaving armholes toward the top of the rectangle. Fold in the top 1 inch of the fabric and sew a channel, leaving a 1-inch opening. Thread a ribbon or string through the channel. Once on, pull the ribbon to gather it at the top. Cut a 3 1/2- by 36-inch strip from black eyelet fabric. Sew a hand-running stitch along the edge of one of the long sides. Leave a knot at one end and pull the string on the other side to create gathers. Pin at the back of the costume or add a snap. Finish with witches hats.

Basic Cape

DIY Mermaid Costume :

Lego Costume

With glossy spray paint and round boxes, construct a building block costumes for the whole family.

Follow these instructions to turn a plain old cardboard box into a costume with all the right angles.

STEP 1: Cut off the bottom flaps of a box (ours measured 16″W × 29″H × 11″D) with a utility knife. Tape down the top flaps.

STEP 2: To create head and arm holes, trace a dinner plate on the top of the box and saucers on each of the box’s sides, and cut out with the utility knife.

STEP 3: Lay the box flat on its back. Using wood glue, affix eight round 2″H x 4″diam. craft boxes — without their lids — in two vertical rows along the front, as shown. Make sure the bottoms of the craft boxes face out.

STEP 4: Once the glue has dried, spray-paint the entire piece glossy red. If necessary, coat multiple times for a brighter color, then let dry.

Pair with solid color t shirts and Jeans and your whole family can have fun.

DIY Pet Costumes :

Pet Costumes

Cut Petals

  • Felt fabric ( color of choice)
  • Pencil and paper
  • Sewing machine and basic supplies
  • 1 inch elastic for band

To create the petals, draw a simple petal shape on paper about 6″ tall and 3″ at the widest point.  Use the pattern to cut your petals from folded felt (each petal is made of two layers).  To determine how many petals you’ll need, measure the circumference of your dog’s head and divide by two.  For example, a medium sized dog with a 15″ head will need seven petals.

Sew Petal Edges

Sew along the outside edge of the doubled petals and cut a vertical slit in the bottom of each petal about 1″ long.  Fold those pieces over each other and then pin.Baste across the bottom of the petal where the pieces are pinned together, about 1″ up from the bottom. This will create a curved petal shape.  Repeat with all petals.

Attach Petals to Elastic

Measure and cut a piece of elastic slightly longer than the circumference of your dog’s head. 

Place and pin the petals along the elastic.  Use a zigzag stitch to sew the petals to the elastic.  Take care to gently stretch the elastic between each petal so that they are not sewn to each other. Lay one end of the elastic on top of the other to create a circle and sew the elastic together with a tight zigzag or satin stitch.  Push and bend all of the petals back towards the trimmed edges so they will stand up nicely. The place on your dog and have fun/

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