Voices from Our Past

A trip too our annual visit to St Landry Catholic Church Cemetery Tour held every October to raise money for the up jeep of this historical cemetery. So come with to the Past when it all started ; in 1767 :


Travel back in time to a place where the voices from our past will give you a reflection of times gone by.  The tour of St. Landry Catholic Church Cemetery gives one a perspective of how our past has shaped our present and reflects into the future generations of community.

     The Spirits joining in the “Spirited” celebration in our 2021 Cemetery Tours will be our Evangeline, the original,  Sophie “Fie, Racheal Gradnigo, a woman of color businesswoman, Reverend Raymond, influencing our Catholic education, Mr & Mrs. Kellams, Santa & Mrs, Clause,  plus few more spirits will be brought to life for patrons to enjoy their legends.

    The St. Landry Catholic Church Parish and Opelousas Little Theatre are pleased to bring this reenactment for your enjoyment

All spoke from beyond the grave in autobiographical portrayals Sunday, inside the fences of a historic local graveyard.

Groups that were guided among the gravesites in the St. Landry Catholic Church cemetery were entertained and intrigued as the personas of former prominent residents were recounted by reenactors who provided forgotten details of lives that helped shape parish history.

Catholic Church built in 1909 / Live Oaks

St. Landry Church received news that our remaining beautiful Live Oak trees were approved and are now listed on the Louisiana Live Oak Society’s (LOS) Registry.  The LOS, under the auspices of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, added the oaks to the registry on April 3, 2021.  The addition of the seven (7) trees brings our total of registered Live Oaks to 13.  Special thanks to John Harper for his time and effort in nominating our oaks to the LOS.  The Live Oaks are named: 1) Msgr. A. B. Colliard; 2) Fr. Gilbert Raymond; 3) Fr. François Raymond; 4) Friar Valentin; 5) Fr. John Engberink; and, 6) Friar Pedro de Zamora. 
​The latest Live Oaks are named: 7) Fr. Flavius Henri Rossi; 8) Msgr. Charles E. Marin (located in the Alma Chachere Goudeau Memorial Garden); 9) Friar Joseph de Arazena, O.F.M. Cap.; 10) The Catholic Faithful of St. Landry; 11) Fr. Michel Bernard Barrière; 12) Fr. Louis Buhot; and, 13) Saint Landry’s Oak.  

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