November Kids Crafts

Happy November and I am making some cute and fun Fall crafts .

Scare crow Paper bag:

  • paper bag
  • Eyes, Glue
  • markers
  • extra construction or scrapbook paper (Hat & Bow)

Leaf lighted jars :

  • large Mason jar
  • modge podge , brush
  • leaves , twin
  • battery light (dollar store)

Coat jar in modge podge and stick leaves inside and jet dry. Place twin on top and place light inside.

Scare Crow in a Jar

My decorated scare crow jar I used to Fall flowers and leaves for a table decoration.

Coffee filter Turkey’s At the Library

  • large paper coffee filters
  • markers / water bottle
  • wooden clothes pins ( painted brown and decorated)

Take coffee fliers and color with markers. Lightly spray with water and let dry . ( This will make the tie dye effect) Clip the folded center with brown painted clothes pin. And decorate with eyes and beak.

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