Lisa Book Shelf : Adventure Girls!

Welcome to my Saturday at the Melville Library ! We are a small town public Library that I volunteer at and we host may town events here. But we are also a great place to Grab a cup of Coffe and explore our book shelves… Lisa

This is a great series of books….

Explore, create, and imagine like a girl!

Girls can do anything, and Adventure Girls! proves it! Packed with exciting activities and crafts for girls (ages 6 to 12), this book inspires young adventurers to be curious, innovative, and bold. From stargazing and animal tracking to making a pinhole camera and building a shadow theater, Adventure Girls! is not one of your typical craft books. It empowers girls to:

  • Develop independence―Many of the activities are designed to be parent-assisted as girls learn to explore and create safely on their own.
  • Delve into science—Discover scientific ideas and principles through constellation identification, bird watching, and compass making.
  • Get their hands dirtyAdventure Girls! encourages outdoor play and exploration, from making a rope swing in the backyard to going on a nature scavenger hunt to building a shelter outside.
  • Express their creative side—These crafts for girls also engage their artistic side, with activities like creating decorative 3D stars, pressing flowers, and folding (and inventing their own) paper airplanes.

Instill confidence and curiosity with this collection of fun, engaging activities and crafts for girls.

Book Review ( ages 5-12)

These books are a great addition to our library. Full of fun ideas for a Rainy day project or perfect for your local Girl/Boy Scott Troop. From crafts to scavenger hunts these are fun books for everyone.

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