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Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook: 75 Classic Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

Cook up vegetarian soul food that doesn’t skimp on flavor

Discover a brand new way to enjoy the satisfying flavors of soul food. Building on this already vegetable-rich American cuisine, these savory vegetarian soul food favorites don’t compromise on taste or tradition.

What sets this meatless cookbook apart:

  • 75 classic dishes—From Creamy Stone Ground Grits and Southern Baked Mac and Cheese to Chopped Barbecue Sliders and Red Beans & Rice Mélange, discover the joys of vegetarian soul food.
  • Healthier options—Get a fresh take on soul food thanks to a variety of lighter, meat-free recipes that still deliver the mouthwatering flavors you crave.
  • Easy recipes—Accessible ingredients and a variety of convenient cooking methods make these dishes perfect for busy weeknights and family gatherings alike.

Satisfy your soul food cravings with this standout among vegetarian cookbooks.

Why on my shelf:

It’s nice to find a book that explains Soul Food and how to cook it healthy. With healthy version of some of my family favorite dishes this is a winner. One of our goals for the New Year is eating healthy and this cookbook is a keeper.

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