Louisiana Travel : Cajun Music

Welcome to my Thursday Travel in Louisiana. On Thursday I share a little bit about my home state in pictures. So Today I am sharing my states rich Music history . So grab your dancing shoes and let’s have fun in Eunice, Louisiana.

“Prairie Cajun Capital of Louisiana”

Bienvenue à Eunice! Welcome to Eunice! The “HEART” of Acadiana! Eunice is the place to find good friends, good food and good music Right smack dab in the middle of Cajun Country.

Eunice has the unique combination of attractions people are looking for! We have a Sportsman’s Paradise second to none, with an abundance of wildlife and fabulous camping facilities. And for people looking for a Retirement Paradise, you’ve come to the right place. Our tax base is much lower than comparable communities.

Welcome to Eunice: we’re waiting to offer you all the hospitality our citizens are noted for! All over Louisiana we hear the phrase, Laissez les bon temps rouler. But here in Eunice, this is where the Bon Temps comes to stay!

What is special about Cajun music ?

Cajun music is most easily recognized by three elements: the button accordion, the fiddle and the French language. Even today’s songwriters write their songs in French, having learned the language from their parents and grandparents, participating in local French tables and through the French immersion school programs.

Cajun Music Hall of Fame

The Cajun Music Hall Of Fame and Museum is located right next to the Eunice Museum on 230 South CC Duson Drive, just one block from Downtown Eunice and the Liberty Theatre. This museum was created to honor those individuals who contributed to our cultural music and who otherwise may have been forgotten. In 1995 the Louisiana Legislature proclaimed the city of Eunice the official site for the Cajun Music Hall of Fame & Museum. The Grand Opening was held November 29th. 1997, and was attended by numerous musicians, singers, songwriters, radio and recording personalities as well as city officials. 32 of the personalities (living and deceased) were inducted into the museum during the this ceremony. Plans are that 2 more personalities will be inducted into the museum annually.
The building which houses the museum was once a one room country store (framed of wood, and was moved to it’s new location). The building is from the 1930’s which was converted into the museum. It took 5 years of construction and was completed in 1997. The funds for the project were raised by many volunteers.
The museum features a variety of cajun musical instruments as well as records and albums of cajun sounds from years gone by. It also features a Wall Hall Of Fame with photographs and articles about great cajun musicians. The Cajun Music Hall Of Fame and Museum is the only one of it’s kind anywhere. The museum features cajun entertainment legends and pioneers of cajun music. A “must see” for anyone interested in the origins and development of Cajun music and musicians over the years. Admission is free.

Savoy Music Jam: Starts Saturday’s at 9am -12pm

This jam session in  Eunice Louisiana is a special Saturday morning tradition hosted at the  Savoy Music Center . This building is home to the master accordion craftsman, Marc Savoy. The three-hour Cajun jam session has gotten the attention of major media outlets throughout the years. It was featured on Good Morning America, National Geographic, and Smithsonian Magazine. Visitors from all over the world make their way to the jam to meet the musicians and enjoy traditional Cajun music.

Marc’s jam session etiquette is part of the reason the jam is so famous. It is not a place for younger artists to “show-off”. Instead, the musicians are led by the older generation of Cajun music fiddlers and accordionists. It’s not a talent show, but a cultural exchange of stories, tunes, tips, and a few laughs.

Don’t know how to play? That’s just fine. Chairs are set up for the audience to sit and listen or get up and dance!

Listen Now :

Liberty Theater :

Live Radio Show featuring Cajun Music every Saturday Night.

A 1924 vaudeville/movie house purchased by the City of Eunice (renovated and brought back to life through a community restoration project). The Liberty reopened its doors on July 11, 1987, with a 1 1/2-hour live radio program featuring Cajun and Zydeco music, local recipes, and Cajun humor. It is the only show of its kind found anywhere else. The Liberty Center for the Performing Arts, as it has been named, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been included in the Great American Movie Theaters Preservation Press Guide published by the Smithsonian.
During its “hey-days” of the 1920’s and 30’s, personal appearances were made at the Liberty by Fattie Arbuckle, Tex Ritter, Jimmy Clanton, The Bowery Boys and Roy Rogers.
In 1986 the city of Eunice was chosen as a regional Rural and Minority Center for the Southern Arts Federation based in Atlanta, Ga. A total of nine Southern states were chosen and the Liberty Center is very proud to have been chosen as Louisiana’s representative. Being a part of the Southern Arts Federation’s initiative has had a positive impact on the continuing effort to preserve the Acadian Culture. The Liberty Cultural Association’s main goal is to preserve and celebrate the culture indigenous to the Acadians with most of its events taking place at the Liberty. The Association maintains an office at the Eunice City Hall.

Thanks for joining me in Eunice,la for some Cajun Music …. Lisa

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